30 Minutes - BACH FLOWER REMEDY - £20 (Includes Consultation and bespoke Bach Flower Prescription)

It's long been known that flowers have a natural way of uplifting and nourishing us. But did you know you can tap into the power of flower essences in your daily life to balance emotions and restore harmony to your state of mind?


For Example: -


  • You have a fear of change

  • You are suffering from a general lack of motivation

  • You have levels of stress and worries

  • You are having problems sleeping


Negative emotions can be at the root of physical symptoms and weaken the immune system. A Bach Flower Remedy is a great tool for managing the emotional demands and stress of everyday life.


50 Minutes - ENERGY REBALANCE - £30

Reiki is a natural and holistic complementary therapy that benefits the mind, body and spirit and helps the body to heal itself. It may help with physical, mental and emotional issues and although no specific result can be guaranteed it always helps for your highest good.

It is nice and relaxing and just requires me to place my hands gently on or above your body. There is no pressure or massage.  Most often people feel warmth, coolness and or tingling under my hands but feeling nothing at all is quite normal too.





Stressed out? No time to think? Putting everyone before yourself? Sound familiar?

How often do you truly relax and feel a state of calmness - free from wandering thoughts and the stresses of everyday life? Even when you do have some time spare, do you use that time proactively to relax? 


Regular meditation has been shown to bring many benefits, including:

  • optimum health, vitality and energy

  • love and appreciation for yourself and who you truly are

  • harmony and bliss in your relationships

  • effectiveness and creativity in your working life.


For  just 1 hour, take some time out for you within a comfortable environment and amongst like-minded people. Just close your eyes and relax whilst I take you on a journey in your mind.

Your Path to Wellness

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