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Cryo- comes the Greek word “krous,” which means “icy,” “cold” or “frost.” Therapy means…well…”therapy” or “treatment.” So any use of ice or very cold materials to treat something qualifies as cryotherapy. The most long-standing and common form of “cryotherapy” is the application of ice or cold packs to injuries to cause blood vessels to constrict, which reduces blood flow and alleviates pain, swelling and inflammation. Localised (i.e., applied to specific part of the body) “cryotherapy” clearly demonstrates benefits and has long been standard practice among health professionals. 

Pain Management

Being in pain can ruin your lifestyle and stop you from enjoying

a sport, playing with children, been able to work and much more. 

At Cryotherapy Wakefield we use localised Cryotherapy to reduce

pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Cryotherapy

also has a natural pain relief effect on the body that can last for

several hours, days or weeks after treatment. This allows the

treated area to rapidly gain strength and flexibility within the joint

to promote healing and increased movement. 


We can treat :-


  • Cryotherapy can assist with offsetting diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis and Parkinson’s to name but a few

  • Back Pain disc problems, sciatica 

  • A pain killing effect reducing medication requirements due to Cryotherapy providing a natural analgesic

  • Bone Fractures, contusions, joint mobility issues - neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle

  • Muscle spasms

  • Helpful for the onset of joint and spinal problems

  • Sinuses, Migraines

  • Support faster healing post-surgery rehabilitation

By applying Cryotherapy to an isolated body part, the body is able to deliver all the healing proteins, oxygen, osteoblasts and many more healing functions. The immediate effect of cooling the skin and analgesia lasts for around five minutes, the release of endorphins can have a lasting effect that gives the person a natural high and burst of energy. Where pervious pains and signs of inflammation, as found in blood tests, remain suppressed for weeks to come.


The relief from pain and inflammation can both be seen and felt immediately. The more treatments you have the longer the results can be seen as the body starts to create the pattern of delivering the healing elements and the lymphatic system drains away the damaged tissues and inflammation.




Health & Wellbeing

Mood, Energy & Improvement of Depression occurs during Cryotherapy due to an increase in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients around the body. The brain releases natural “FEEL GOOD” endorphins to help cope with the extreme change in temperature. These same endorphins increase energy levels and leave you with a euphoric feeling. These naturally “euphoric” endorphins have been known to improve sleep and aid in the treatment of depression and other mental health ailments.  Cryotherapy eases depression by triggering a release of adrenalin and endorphins into the blood stream. The release of endorphins reduces stress by decreasing levels of anxiety and irritability

Sports & Fitness - Muscle recovery and enhancement

Cryotherapy treatments have long been established in the world of professional sports as the most effective method to increase strength, endurance and more importantly ensure a rapid recovery. More and more athletes are using its effects to recover from injury and muscle fatigue. In addition to this athletes are using cryotherapy before and after training and events to intensify their preparation and or repeat.

Cryotherapy is applied in sports medicine in the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries of soft tissue in athletes. A cryo-treatment provides the patient with a rush of oxygenated blood, a natural analgesic effect and a reduction in muscle tension in the treatment area.

Treatments include:-


  • Increase in muscle tone and cellulitis

  • Relieves fatigue and muscle soreness

  • Speeds up rehabilitation from sport injuries in general

  • Treats sports injuries such as inflamed Achilles tendon

  • Decreases Muscle Soreness, Pain and Inflammation

  • Increase Energy and Peak Athletic Performance

  • Allows for immediate post-therapy sports activity

  • Allows more intense and higher volume training

  • Boosts Lymph Draining and Blood Circulation

  • Decreases Injury Recovery Time

  • Improves immune system

You may know of a few Professional Athletes using Cryotherapy :- 

  • Mo Farah – Olympic and World Champion Athlete

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid and Portuguese International Footballer

  • Floyd Mayweather – World Champion Boxer

  • Luke Blackledge – Commonwealth Super Middleweight Boxing Champion

  • Jamie Vardy – Leicester City and England International Footballer

  • Franck Ribery – Bayern Munich and French International Footballer

  • Premier League Football Clubs

  • England and National Rugby Teams

  • Team GB

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