In simple terms cryotherapy sends your body into a “survival” mode that triggers a reaction in the brain making you and your appearance healthier when nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood flushes out the toxins from your body.


How it works

Cryotherapy is used to allow us to heal ourselves from the inside through exposure from the outside of our body to a Nitrogen Vapour Mist that is cooled to -160 degrees Celsius via a liquid nitrogen tank. The nitrogen is filtered and pushed out through a funnel that is held by our professionally trained therapists, who gently massage the treated area to keep skin warm during the treatment. When the sub-zero temperature covers the skin, the sudden drop in heat stimulates the temperature receptors, prompting the brain to transmit messages throughout the body. Your Capillaries (blood vessels) then undergo severe vasoconstriction to protect the essentials organs and the core temperature from dropping.

'Brain & Brawn'

While the skin continues to feel the reduction in temperature the body is sending signals back and forth to the brain, telling it if there is damage to the tissues or bone, or if there is excessive fat cells or cellulite or lack of elasticity, collagen or skin damage. If there are excessive fat cells and cellulite, the fat cells will collapse at a warmer temperature than healthy cells, which reduces the density of fat therefore giving the desired loss in body density and dress sizes.

Further physiological and biological reactions to the drop in temperature are the fight or flight response, which increases the metabolic rate and endorphins. The metabolic rate speeds up and burns between 500-800 calories over the next 24 hours and the increase of endorphins gives a natural emotional high and increase in energy. Once the skin is able to warm up again vasodilation takes place, where the vessels open up and become wider again. This allows the lymphatic systems floodgates to open and deliver all the healing proteins, collagen, anti-oxidants – all that the body needs to repair the area, while simultaneously removing all the toxins and inflammation that may have been causing any pain or skin irritations. It’s like your body is able to hit a ‘reset’ button!

The Cryo Stimulation Process

1. Emergency signals are sent to the brain as your body feels the cold.

2. Your body then begins to reduce the blood supply to the affected area as a trauma reaction.

3. Treatment stops and the body begins to warm.

4. As the body warms, a rush of new blood is sent to the area which is four times more oxygenated.

5. This newly replenished blood eliminates inflammation, toxins and CO2 from the area.

6. This promotes faster healing and pain relief.

Furthermore, the release of hormones such as endorphins can make the patient feel energised,

alert and in a more happy positive mood.

Your Path to Wellness

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